FLOW lecture in Augsburg (Germany) © Andreas Mihatsch I  Expedition Erde

FLOW lecture in Augsburg (Germany)
© Andreas Mihatsch I Expedition Erde


WHY is Mountainbiking fun?

That's the big question behind my latest project. The term flow is well known to every mountainbiker. But do we really know what it stands for? Two years of research with the outdoorsports-scientist Dr. Simon Sirch took us through all scientific perspectives and brought a lot of interesting answers. Flow doesn't just stand for a fluid beginners bike trail: Flow is a powerful state of mind in which we feel our best and perform our best. Flow makes us experience the moment. Flow explains why there is an attraction to risks, why playfullness is the easiest way to peak-performance, why shared fun is double fun and why mountainbiking can become an addiction!

FLOW book I  Delius Klasing

FLOW book I Delius Klasing

Multimedia Lecture and Book

Blending the scientific research with real mountainbike experience made me write a book about the flow-state with Dr. Simon Sirch and produce a multimedia lecture. We filmed and photographed at the most epic bike destinations in Europe: From vulcanic deserts in Iceland to steep rockwalls of the Dolomites. From a remote mountain hut in Austria to the forgotten trails of the Maritime Alps. Featuring some of the best known german riders like Manfred Stromberg and Tom Öhler. Helmet-cameras take us into the mind of a fanatic mountainbiker, super-slomotions capture the moment and drone-takes make us fly.

But my Flow-Project doesn't only adress mountainbikers. The scientist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly researched the flow-phenomenon on climbing athletes, musicians and artists. Flow is ultimaltely democratic, and everybody can experience it who is following any kind of passion!

Whilst the book is currently only available in german language, the lecture comes for international audiences as well in english language.

© Harald Philipp

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Organizers Inquiry

International References

  • Bansko Film Festival 2015 (BUL)
  • Slovakia Mountain Film Festival 2014 (SLO)
  • Vancouver Mountain Film Festival 2013 (CA)
  • San Vito Climbing Festival 2012 (IT)